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4 Professional Hair Removal Services in Your Area

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4 Professional Hair Removal Services in Your Area

Professional hair removal services deliver longer-term solutions than at-home methods such as shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, saving both time and money through reduced need for repetitive treatments.

Licensed estheticians are experts at extracting unwanted hair. Their personalized treatments can cater to each person’s individual skin and hair needs for smooth and beautiful results.

Baire Hair Removal Specialists

Baire Hair Removal Specialists in New York City offers a full suite of aesthetic salon services to its clients, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing and threading using Syneron-Candela Motif Vantage equipment to remove unwanted hair on both men and women. Furthermore, skin tightening services including chemical peels photofacial rejuvenation photo butt lift EMSculpt vacuum butt lift etc are provided as well as consultations/treatment plans tailored specifically towards clients achieving their aesthetic goals. In operation since 2013, this company boasts high customer satisfaction ratings with many returning clients returning year after year after year after year!

Lucy Peters

Lucy Peters Salon caters to women who are sick of shaving, plucking and waxing for hair removal. Their intimate salon utilizes the Alma Soprano ICE laser machine for effective hair reduction while they also offer other treatments like microdermabrasion, brow tint and photofacial. Lucy Peters Smooth System was co-developed with dermatologists; each electrologist receives extensive medical training. Lucy Peters charges by the hour but customers can save money when booking multiple hours at once; consultation with an electrologist should occur prior to starting treatment. Before beginning treatment it’s recommended scheduling an in-person consultation appointment first with their electrologist before beginning.

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Pnina Luxe Hair Removal

Pnina Luxe Hair Removal is a beauty salon in New York City specializing in laser procedures for hair removal. Clients can receive three to six sessions, depending on which body part needs treatment, at this location. Pnina Radbill, its owner and licensed electrologist provides additional electrolysis services through Apilus platform; she strives to offer excellent customer service with every session she offers her clients. Pnina Luxe Hair Removal accepts payments via debit and credit cards with its average Yelp rating being five stars.

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